12.10 2010

tSB Soiree’ at Fare Start

The Service Board had their annual Soiree’ at Fare Start this year and it nothing short of amazing!

If you haven’t heard of the Service Board or Fare Start then you need get here and there!

The venue, Fare Start seats 150 people downtown at 7th & Virginia and it was sold out well in advance of the event.

As we arrived the scene was electric. People were milling about the entrance collecting name tags and buying raffle tickets for sweet swag. Once inside Fare Start the upscale, contemporary decor was warm and inviting. We were surprised to discover the long, chest high table that was the center piece of the room was designated for EJK Accounting and Tax guests…Nice work EJ!

After some quality mingle time and making some anticipated introductions we settled at our tables for some fabulous “Fare” cuisine.

We heard from tSB E.D. Ashley Miller, Program Co-Coordinators Tizita Assefa and Mike Hodapp as well as couple “tSB Grandmas”.

Each had their own personal reasons for being involved with tSB which came across honest and true. We also heard from a few tSB Alumni including Varin Keokitvan who is a multiple award winning Chef and trainer at Fare Start. Varin’s talk told of his situation and how he came to tSB or I should say how tSB came to him.  tSB actually knocked on Verin’s front door, an enthusiastic and persistent Jewish man, Thomas Goldstein brought an opportunity at just the right time. Through the chuckles and tears Verin’s point was made clear to all in attendance, this is a family.

Snowboarding is exciting and fun to do and talk about when your not doing it. It’s great to share and pass along skills, gear and experiences. Snowboarding brings people to tSB but it is the family of  the Service Board that finds its way straight to your heart.

So, if you find yourself fortunate enough to be invited then please do, come share some family time.