Personalized, cost-effective and high quality

the EJK commitment

Founded in 2004, EJK Accounting & Tax is a full-service firm offering personalized, on-site and outsourced accounting, tax, and bookkeeping services to small businesses, non-profits and individuals in the Northwest.

With a collaborative and passionate staff that’s active in the community, we believe in the value of relationships and are proud to be a Seattle business serving the Northwest community.


EJ Kim


EJ Kim has over 20 years experience providing accounting, tax and financial management services. EJ founded EJK Accounting & Tax in 2003, to provide high-quality and cost-effective accounting services to Northwest non-profits and for-profit companies. Prior to EJK Accounting & Tax, EJ was a financial analyst for a NYSE-traded company and served as managing partner and financial accountant at a Seattle tax and accounting firm.

Miya Forrest

Senior Tax and Accountant

Miya joined EJK in 2010 and currently works exclusively with remote clients. She has an extensive background in non-profit operations and accounting, and enjoys developing and implementing new accounting systems and procedures for her clients. Miya’s personal interest in food, means that she enjoys both working with, and sampling products for our restaurant industry clients. Miya has her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington, and is a proud mother of two.

Haochen (George) Wang

Finance and Tax Supervisor

Haochen Wang (George), received both Master’s and Bachelor’s degree from Seattle University and is currently pursuing his CPA license. He has two lovely daughters, Isabelle and Mirabelle, whom he loves to spend time with on his days off. While busy with family and work, Haochen plans to get his CPA license by the end of the year. His dream is to open his own accounting firm.

Julia Meng


Julia received her Master’s degree in Finance from Seattle University. Julia is currently a CFA candidate. She is passionate about experiencing different places and learning new skills. Her long-term goal is to become a financial analyst and to own a financial corporation. She is eager to work with different nonprofit organizations and develop valuable business relationships with customers.

Annie Chiang

Office Manager

Annie received her BA in accounting and philosophy from Seattle University. Besides being deeply interested in accounting and business-related topics, she also likes to read, travel, connect to nature, and explore different spiritual things. Annie’s long-term goal is to become a business, philosophical, and ethical consultant who can provide clients genuine and useful advice.

Mao Koyama

Staff Accountant

Mao earned her BA in Accounting from Seattle University. She loves reading books and fashion magazines, playing guitar, and sewing Japanese embroidery. Mao enjoys working with fabulous people and continues to seek new opportunities to enhance her professionalism. Her goal is to become a reliable member of the EJK team and to provide excellent customer care.